Primus Washer (R6 - R7 - R10)

Please, check below information to test your boards.

[MAINTENANCE Introduction]

Preventive maintenance has been reduced to a minimum by the careful design of the machine, and choice of reliable components and materials.

▷ The machine should always be clean.
▷ Clean top and body regularly in order to remove all soap traces.
▷ The detergent dispenser should be cleaned at the end of the working day, follows:
a. Detergent which may have fastened on the inside of the dispenser is to be scraped loose with a spatula.
b. Flush the loosened detergent with warm water.

▷ Check that the drain valve is not leaking during the washing process, and that it opens properly afterwards.
▷ Clean the door lip seal of remaining detergent, and other foreign matter.
▷ After cleaning the machine, at the end of a working day, open door and soap lid of the machine to allow venting the machine.
▷ At the end of the day It is recommended to shut off all main water and electrical lines. However, we don’t mean. The individual faucets of the machines, that may not be touched, once adjusted, but only the main valves.

[Every Three(3) Months]

▷ Always switch off the electricity and disconnect water inlets, prior to start servicing of your machine
▷ Remove the rear panel of the machines, and check that the V belt of the wash motor is not damaged and is correctly tensioned.
▷ Check that all tubing, piping and connections are free from leaks.
▷ Wipe clean the inside of the machine, making sure that the control components are protected from moisture and dust, during the cleaning operation.
▷ Replace cover plates and turn on the supply.

[Every Six(6) Months]

▷ Clean regularly the filters of the water inlet and steam pipes.
▷ For important defects, the technical service of your dealer is always at your disposal.

[Safety Rules]

▷ Installation must be done properly.
▷ Each machine must be grounded.
▷ All installations are to be carried out by qualified personnel.
▷ All seepage in the system, due to faulty gaskets, is to be repaired immediately.
▷ All personnel concerned are make themselves acquainted with the appropriate parts of the service manual attempting any repairs or maintenance of the machine.
▷ The machine must not be sprinkled with water, otherwise short ? circuiting and serious damage may occur
▷ Volatile fabric softeners, inflammable or unhealthy fluids are not to be used in the machine.
▷ The Safety of the doorlock must not be bypassed.

Don’t under any circumstances attempt to bypass the safety devices of the machines, as this can result in accidents.

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