Maytag Washer (MC - MN - PC - PN Models)

Please, check below information to test your boards.


▷ Keep the washer clean at all time. Do not allow residual soap and cleaners to remain on the washer cabinet or top for any length of time.
▷ Clean the detergent dispenser at the end of each business day as follows

a. Detergent may be stuck to the detergent box liner. This can be scraped loose by using a spatula.
b. Flush the loosened detergent with warm water.

▷ Check the drain value daily to make sure it is not leaking during operation. Also make sure the valve is opening properly.
▷ Clean the door lip seal of any remaining detergent or foreign matter.
▷ Once the washer has been properly cleaned, open the door and the “main”water and electrical power source to the washer(s). It may be wise to shut off the water and power to each individual washer.
▷ Check door lock functions.

[Every Three(3) Months]

▷ Always disconnect electrical power and water supply to the washer prior to any maintenance or service
▷ Remove back panel of the washer(s) in order to check for V-belt tension and wear.
▷ Check motor hinge system and clean lint from motor.
▷ Make sure there are no water leaks with all tubing and piping connections.
▷ Wipe clean the inside of the washer, making sure that the control components are protected from moisture and dust during the cleaning operation.
▷ Check anchor bolts. Retighten if necessary.
▷ Clean the water inlet filters.
▷ Check and tighten contractor terminal screws and inspect connections in control panel area.
▷ Replace cover plates and turn the electrical power and water supply “ON”

[Every Six(6) Months]

▷ Contact your commercial distributor for any malfunction you may detect during maintenance
▷ Check drains. Water should drain in approximately 30 seconds or less. If not, the laundry drain system should be examined.
▷ Check the water pressure during different cycles. A slow fill could be the result of dirty, or plugged inlet screens.

[Please feel free to Email Metro Laundry tech anytime when you have question.]